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We were enlisted by PrimeSys, a recently established IT specialist company, to conceptualise and develop a fresh brand identity system along with a website.

Numero uno

Concept one

Based on the idea of the first importance; demanding the fullest consideration. First in order of time, existence, or development; earliest; primitive. Using a numeral “1” in the negative space of the “P” of PrimeSys creates a strong icon, simple and elegant using basic geometric shapes, sybolising “simplifying the complexity of IT systems.”

Flying the flag

Concept two

Based on the idea of being first or the best (Prime). Erecting a flag on the moon or on a mountain peak to mark getting there first, prime position. Also depicts being fluid and flexible to a clients’ needs and being agile and adaptive to custom solutions.

Digital signals

Concept three (the chosen route)

Based on the idea digital signals; 1’s and 0’s. Using a 1 and 0 to create the “P” icon. The dot of the “i” has been changed to mimic the icon to give consistency and brand recognition when used as separate elements.

Sub brand development

Website design and development

The website was a bespoke build using WordPress. Features include Zendesk integration for tracking downloads and lead generation.

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