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We designed and built the ATC website and continually update it, with award winning hi-fi and professional audio systems.

The home page lets the user decide whether to enter into professional or consumer hi-fi, two very distinct separate target markets.

Home page

Easy to follow sign posting is used throughout the site, using colour to depict between professional and consumer sections. The site has been built on the WordPress platform and is available in both English and Chinese.

Onsite technology animations

These stills are from one of the on-site animations which is used to explain the unique technologies used within ATC products.

The exploded diagrams interact with the user, only animating when in full view.

The site uses colour throughout to easily identify to the user whether they are in professional audio or consumer hi-fi. The technology area uses a charcoal theme when referring to both professional and consumer technology.

The professional audio section of the site is depicted throughout using red highlights, both in the sign-posting tabs and sub links.

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